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Nationally Recognized

Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle Lions

Serving students and families since 2006, Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle provides a high-quality education that integrates the teaching of character education, values and self-discipline, incorporates technology (providing personal laptops in grades 5-8), stresses the importance of school attendance and addresses the emotional needs of each student. While our highly qualified teachers focus on specific educational needs, getting to know the whole child is a responsibility every employee takes seriously. It is a privilege to serve our families, and we welcome the opportunity to become partners in the education of your child!

Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle (PTCM) opened in 2006 and has grown to over 150 students in grades 5-8.

Partners with our Parents

“The most positive experience at Puritas would have to be seeing the interaction between the staff and the students. When entering the school, the teachers and office staff greet them by name! Seeing our principal, Ms Colwell walking the halls talking to the students and remembering all their names is heartwarming to me, and doing it with a smile!”
- Ms. Valentino

“I appreciate that Puritas understands the need to stay on top of the ever-changing challenges of technology in preparing our kids for the real world. I believe that they have a good balance of technology and instruction and use both to best prepare our children for further education and careers.”
- Mrs. Buxton

“The staff works really hard to make sure all students have what they need to succeed, and pay close attention individually when kids are struggling in any aspect, educationally or developmentally.”
- Ms. Gassaway

School Snapshots

2020-2021 Student Demographics

● 7% Asian, 23% African American, 27% Caucasian, 36% Hispanic, 6% Multiracial, 1% Other
● 100% of students qualify for federal free/reduced meals
● Maximum student to teacher ratio is 24:1

Awards & Recognition

● 2019 High-Quality Charter School

Student activities offered at Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Middle

● Book, Board Games & Science Clubs
● Basketball & Volleyball
● Technology
● Cheerleading
● Student Council
● Running Club

Grants Awarded

● Recipients of multiple DonorsChoose.org grants

Community Connections

Our goal is to be a part of the neighborhood in which we serve by collaborating with local organizations to give back to the community.

● The City Mission
● Laura's Home
● Bellaire-Puritas Development Center
● The Centers for Families & Children
● Gunning Recreation Center
● Pennies for Patients
● St. Pat's Hunger Center